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I decided to start this site to serve the riders that want cool pics of their motorbikes, cars, Jeeps, bicycles, etc, but don't have the time or inclination to drive all the way up to the Tail of the Dragon. I've ridden the Dragon numerous times, and one of my favorite parts was looking at - and ordering - some of the photos taken by the amazing photographers up there. But that's a 3-hour drive for me, which is a long way to go just to get some pics. So, here I am. I live in the area, and I know Suck Creek Road very well, having ridden it countless times.

Frequently Asked Questions

What's your shooting schedule?

It varies, mostly due to weather. But if the weather is good, I'm out several afternoons a week, and at least once over the weekend. This will undoubtedly increase as the weather gets warmer. If you have a group ride coming up, let me know, and I'll plan on being out there. I try to announce on Facebook when I know I'm going to be out.

Where do you shoot?

I shoot all over the mountain, but The Turnback on the back of the mountain is my favorite; the slow, sweeping curve provides lots of chances to get the perfect shot. However, depending on the lighting conditions, there are a few other spots on the mountain I like to shoot at, and I'm often found at Holloway's Curve first thing in the morning on the weekends. See the map below for my regular spots, and follow Suck Creek Photos on Facebook for announcements as to where I'll be and when.

I also occasionally travel to Ocoee to shoot. When I'm out there, you can find me at Dam Number 1.

Do you ride?

I do. I have a Honda Shadow Phantom street bike, and a BMW G650GS dual-sport. You can read all about my motorbikes, past and present, on the blog, right here.

Shadom Phantom

Are you as cool as you seem?


Want the Best Photos?

If you're out specifically to get some good shots of your ride, first of all, feel free to reach out to me to tell me you're coming. I'm not out there all day, every day, but I can always head out to suit your schedule.

Now, to allow me to get your best shots, here's some tips:

Slow down! Well, if you want to, that is. If you're on a motorcycle, you might want that extreme lean, and I realize that takes speed. But if you're in a car or a big cruiser or whatever, if you're going a little slower, I can get more shots, and focus more accurately.

Don't hesitate to turn around and make a second (or third, or fourth...) pass. If I see you come right back by, I'll still shoot you. The more photos I shoot, the more likely you'll see something you like.

If I'm not already pointing the camera at you, honk before you get to me, to give me a second to focus on you. I'm often looking down at the camera, or I may be looking the other direction. If you see me, but I don't see you, get my attention. Smile, wave, do something silly. That'll get my attention for sure.

Be safe! Please don't stop in the middle of the road if there's lots of traffic. And if you want to do a burnout or a wheelie, well, that's on you. :)

Holloways Curve