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Suck Creek Photos Blog

About Suck Creek Road

Suck Creek Road starts at Signal Mountain Road, but the curves don't begin until you cross Suck Creek into Marion County (which is also where the time zone changes from Eastern to Central). To the base of the mountain on the other side, it's about 12 miles, with many gently-curving twists, one sweeping curve at Ketner Gap as you start down the back of the mountain, followed by a sharp hairpin about halfway down the back. Unless otherwise posted, the speed limit across the entire roadway is 45 MPH. Read more...

Speed Limit

Slow Down Tennessee

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Road Conditions

TDOT has announced they will be cutting back the many downed trees along the highway beginning in July 2024, which could affect traffic. Additionally, during the hot summer weather, the "tar snakes" get slippery and can cause wipeouts, along with grass clippings and other debris caused by contract road mowing crews. There are many pedestrians walking down to the swimming holes on Suck Creek, along with hikers crossing the road on the Cumberland Trail, Keep your eyes open and slow down! You can get more road info on the Updates for Suck Creek Mountain Roads Facebook group.

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Suck Creek Sam

Suck Creek Road - The "Mini Dragon"

Not as well-known as the world-famous Tail of the Dragon, but still a fun road to ride, with lots of curves as the highway ascends and descends Suck Creek Mountain. Be on the lookout for stopped cars and pedestrians crossing the road to swim and kayak in Suck Creek, and for hikers crossing the highway on the Cumberland Trail. Also, watch out for wildlife - deer frequently cross the road, and have little fear of vehicles.

PLEASE OBEY ALL LAWS AND SPEED LIMITS AND DO NOT LITTER. Ride safe, and live to ride another day.